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The first Mother’s restaurant was opened in July 1981 and it has been an amazing Journey since then.  One eatery has led to a chain of wholesome family restaurants that supply quality food for a truly Jamaican cuisine experience. The chain now operates officially under the name Mother’s Enterprises Jamaica Limited.

Our highly varied menu, influenced by the taste buds of Jamaicans far and wide, includes our flagship product line of freshly baked delicious Patties. These include Beef, Chicken, Power (soy based), and Fish Patties. We’ve also  extended our line to include Golden Fried Chicken, tasty Hamburgers, spicy Jerk Chicken and Hot Dogs, as well as 15 delicious Ice Cream flavours.

Although only insiders know the Company’s recipes, the ingredients for its success are no secret: a sound management structure, a commitment to total customer satisfaction, dynamic and innovative marketing and a firm belief that employees are its greatest assets. Mother’s is a fully-owned Jamaican company and is a people oriented business.

We believe that it’s all about people. Mother’s is currently celebrating 25 years of delivering quality service and products to our customers.

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