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Mother’s Enterprise Ltd. was founded by Adrian B. Foreman (Chairman), V. Carlysle Hudson (Managing Director) and Richard Foreman (General Manager) in July, 1981 with the opening of its first restaurant at 11 Half-Way-Tree Road. This store was opened to sell patties only, and was originally called MOO1. During the early part of their careers both Richard and Carlysle spent their time making patties by hand. Soon after, a second location was opened in Park Plaza to sell ice cream and burger products, trading under the name Circus Circus. Both locations did very well and were later consolidated into one full service restaurant renamed Mother’s, marking the birth of an authentic Jamaican restaurant chain.

The Mother of Patty Innovation

Patty Cheese

This was the first of its kind and started the trend for all patty cheese products.

Chicken Patty

Made with locally grown poultry and a blend of authentic curry spices.

Full House Patty

Another innovative product that left competitors lost as they had nothing to compare to this patty, filled with fresh lettuce, tomato, beef and cheese.

Power (soy) Patty

Originally developed to target students and persons who wanted a healthier alternative. A wholly vegetarian patty that is packed with protein at an affordable price.

Fish Patty

This patty was introduced during the lent season and has grown in popularity since. It is made with absolutely no animal byproduct other than fish. Along with Power Patty, it is also a favourite amongst those seeking a healthier alternative.

Bacon and Cheese Patty

Another smashing hit, the bacon and cheese patty took the patty market by storm and was the first of its kind.

Pork Patty

Pork lovers celebrated when Mother’s rolled out yet another innovative product, Pork Patty, in 2015.

Curry goat

Dubbed the New Champion Patty, is a rich blend of juicy spicy meat.

Currently we provide over 350 different patties and combos. In addition to this, Mother’s introduced its own Coco bread in 2014 and a whole wheat variety in 2015. Since it’s opening, Mother’s has improved the crust of their patties and can boast about having the best patty crust there is. We also have vegetarian crust which is light and flaky with no animal products at all. With so many alterations and variety of food items, Mother’s successfully provides something for everyone.

Although the Company’s recipes are closely guarded; the ingredients for its success are no secret: a sound management structure, a commitment to total customer satisfaction, a dynamic and innovative marketing program and a firm belief that employees are its greatest assets. The dedication and love that the staff members put into the production of the perfect patty every time is what guarantees Mother’s success and quality.

Being 100% Jamaican owned and operated, Mother’s is committed to the Jamaican farmer and producer. Most of the raw materials used in the production process are locally sourced, contributing positively to the country’s GDP while providing employment opportunities. As a model corporate citizen Mother’s has continuously supported various cultural, community and sporting events, offering sponsorships and donations.

Every year various charities and organizations receive generous donations in the form of cash or kind. Donations of computers, hospital beds, painting of public buildings are activities also associated with the opening of new restaurants or special promotions.

The company has, over the years assumed a general sense of responsibility for Jamaican children. Not least among its many efforts is the Inter-Prep School Track and Field Championship for which Mother’s was a major sponsor for many years. It has also, in the past successfully hosted a children’s art competition where local winners were advanced to support Primary and All-Age Schools as well as youth Clubs through sports and education. We are also a proud sponsor of the Friends of the Kingston & St Andrew Parish Library Story Time Series.